What is ProMedical Plan

ProMedical Plan is a Prepaid Health Clinic "PHC" and is also a Discount Medical Plan Organization "DMPO" created in 1998, licensed by the State of Florida

  • Access to Primary Care Physicians and Pediatricians for only $10.00 per visit
  • Plan does not require physical examination or lab tests to be approved and does not have age or weight limits, neither denies members for pre existing conditions, or any other cause
  • There are no limitations or waiting periods
  • All conditions are accepted
  • Maternity at very convenient costs
  • Lab test with very low co-payment
  • Radiology tests are at affordable reduced rates

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Primary Care Physicians
Urgent Care Facilities

How Much and how fast?

Starts as low as  $73.00 per month and you can use it immediately.